Faith Works James 1:1-18

Faith Works James 1:1-18

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Faith Works

A person who has placed their faith in Jesus Christ and surrendered their life to God will discover that Faith Works!

James 1:1-18

#1 Just call me James the JUST   James 1:1

#2 A People Scattered but not FORGOTTEN   James 1:1

#3 Faith PERSEVERES in the Presence of Trails   James 1:2-4

#4 Faith PRODUCES Wisdom from God   James 1:5-8

#5 Faith PROVIDES Satisfaction   James 1:9-11

#6 Faith PROMISES an Eternal Reward   James 1:12

#7 Faith PROTECTS during Temptation   James 1:13-15

#8 Faith PRESENTS Salvation, God’s PERFECT Gift   James 1:16-18



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