Gospel According to Isaiah 53:10-12

Gospel According to Isaiah 53:10-12

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Gospel According to Isaiah

The Victorious Savior

Isaiah 53:10-12

#1 The SUFFERING Servant                  Isaiah 53:10

#2 The VICTORIOUS Servant               Isaiah 53:11

#3 The EXALTED Servant                  Isaiah 53:12

#4 Seven Questions from Isaiah 53

  1. What is the theme of this chapter?
  2. Was His suffering deserved?
  3. Did God attempt to protect the Servant from suffering?
  4. Is that failure on God’s part to protect the silent, sinless Servant consistent with God’s righteous nature?
  5. Why would the Servant willing submit to that?
  6. What is the outcome of His suffering?
  7. Who is this Servant who willingly endured such suffering?

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