No Greater Love John 14 Comfort During the Crisis

No Greater Love John 14 Comfort During the Crisis

NO GREATER LOVE – Comfort in the Crisis

John 14:1-14

#1 Comforting Truth – Jesus is Concerned about your Heart John 14:1

#2 Faith Defeats Fear John 14:1

#3 Focusing on the Future Defeats Fear John 14:2-4

#4 A Fair Question John 14:5-7

  • How can I be Saved? – Jesus is the Way
  • How can I be Sure? – Jesus is the Truth
  • How can I be Satisfied? – Jesus is the Life

#5 The Father in Plain View John 14:8-11

#6 Faithfulness to God Defeats Fear John 14:12

#7 Expressing Our Faith Through Prayer John 14:13-14

Prayer of Commitment

Thank you for caring for our hearts
Help us have Faith
Remind us of our Future
Thank you for your Son, Jesus
We can be Saved because Jesus is the Way
We can be Sure because Jesus in the Truth
We can be Satisfied because Jesus in the Life.
Help us be faithful to your mission and,
Help us trust you through prayer like never before.



Pastor First Baptist Church Monticello

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