Salvation Has Come Be Amazed Luke 24:1-12

Salvation Has Come Be Amazed Luke 24:1-12

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Salvation Has Come – Be Amazed!

Luke 24:1-12


#1  Be Amazed at Jesus RESURRECTION  Luke 24:1-3


#2  Be Amazed at the Heavenly MESSENGERS  Luke 24:4


#3  Be Amazed at Jesus MINISTRY  Luke 24:5-8


#4  Be Amazed at the GOSPEL  Luke 24:9-12


#5  Be Amazed TONIGHT: Jesus is the Light of the World


#6  Be Amazed at the Blessing of FAMILY and Friends


#7  Be Amazed at the Great FOOD  Psalm 34:8


#8  Be Amazed and THANKFUL for Every Gift Ephesians 2:8-9


#9  Be Amazed that Christmas Eve and Easter Sunday Morning Fit So Perfectly Together.


#10 Be Amazed!




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